Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Craft of the Week: Vase Decoration and Ribbon Roses

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days! It's been very chaotic over here to say the least. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with laughter, family and good food! I know we did!

This weekend I finally got around to decorating my Goodwill vase I bought like 8 months ago or .99 cents.
I wanted to showcase the flowers I dried from my Baby Shower, and Daughters Birth. The finished Product will be on a shelf in her room.
I wanted to share the craft with you today! The whole project took all of about an hour. I am not completely done with it as I ran out of Hot Glue. But, it looks good enough for me right now!

This entire craft costs around 5 dollars. The ribbon was tied to the dried flowers, The vase was 99 cents at Good Will. The Spray Paint was $3.67 at Wal-Mart. 

Ok so to do this craft, I got a clear vase. You can use one of any shape or size.

You can use acrylic paint of any kind for this. I used Spray Paint.

If you are using spray paint be sure to go outside! Wouldn't want you getting all dizzy from the fumes!

Lightly spray the inside of the vase in little spurts, while turning the vase. Once you get to the lip of the vase, don't worry if you get a little on the outside. You can scrape it off.

Allow that to dry.

If you are using a different paint besides spray paint, Pour it into the vase, swirl it aroun until all sides are covered and then pour out the remainding paint and allow to dry.

While waiting on the vase to dry, I began making my ribbon roses.

To make ribbon roses:

Start with a strip of ribbon however long you want (The longer the ribbon, the bigger the rose), I usually make mine about a foot long.

Hold the ribbon in the middle so that it drapes on each side evenly.
Cross one side over the other at the center making a triangle shape at the cross.
Hold it at this point to keep it at that shape.

Then fold the other side over the center point to make a square.

Then fold the other side over that square.
Continue alternating sides and folding back and forth until you run out of ribbon. Try and hold the squares in your fingers to keep them tight.

Once you run out of ribbon, pinch the bottom where the last folds cross.

Grab the piece of ribbon that is on the underside.
While pinching the ribbon as close to the last fold as possible, pull this piece of ribbon.

This should form the ribbon into a rose.

Pinch the entire rose. The top of the rose touching your Pointer finger, the bottom of the rose on your thumb,

Grab your hot glue gun.

Flip the rose over while still pinching.
Under the rose you will see where the ribbon crossed over last.
This picture is using super glue so I could show you where to put the glue. But Hot Glue works best, because it saturates into the ribbon, bonding the entire rose. Not just the point of application.
 Make a dot in that general area with your hot glue gun.
And press the bottom of the rose tight, all while still holding the top of the rose.
This should secure the folds in place.

If the rose looks a little trianglely, twists the centers clock wise until it is in a shape you like.

If the rose is not flat enough, you can always apply more glue in between folds, or on the backs and press until it lays more flat. The trick I have found is pinching the ribbon as close to the folds as possible while pulling. And Pressing the rose in the center and the bottom while Hot Gluing. You get better with practice, trust me.

And thats how you make a ribbon rose!
You can use any size ribbon for this, but it needs to be a soft ribbon.

I then took the roses, cut the excess ribbon off of some, and left it on others. I alternated the roses around the lip of the vase.  As soon as I get more hot glue, I will add more ribbon roses around the bottom of the vase.
I also use these ribbon roses on gift wrapping, dresses, hair bows, cards, etc.
It is a great trick to use excess ribbon of any kind!

Finished Product!

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! Be sure to check back soon for more neat ideas! Have a great day!