Friday, August 31, 2012

Dude...Come on :Mommy's Law

No...The Dog is not "posing" for the picture- Mommy's Law Caught on Camera!

So today I am going to discuss Mommy's Law... its kind off like Murphy's Law, but only for Mommys (Just in case you needed me to explain that). Either Way, you know what I'm talking about. Those moments that you just sit back and think "Like,Really?"
I have had several of those moments today, yesterday, and all the days of being a Mommy.

Have you ever noticed that your child falls asleep 5 seconds before you pull in the driveway after a 2 hour car ride. This is an always in my household. I will intentionally wait to leave for a car ride (if over an hour) to match it with nap time. And yet, she fights it til the death, until right before we arrive. So then I have to wake her up, she misses her nap, she's pissed, and I get to deal with a cranky baby for the remainder of the day. This is the perfect example of Mommy's Law. It's just the way it is, and probably always will be.

I'm a little irritable today. After staying up way to late last night, I had to wake up way to early this morning. It's my own fault, I should have gone to bed at a reasonable time. But I Married A Mobster was on, and come on... I can't resist Mob anything. I have noticed that Mommy's Law occurs more when you are already tired. It's like it knows that you are sleep deprived, hungry, and on the edge.

 I woke up this morning to find a huge pile of throw up on my newly cleaned tile floor (this happens almost 97% of the time I mop my floor by the way). Yesterday morning it was the only cream colored rug in my house. I have come to the conclusion that my Dog, Fiancee and Child do not want me to have a clean floor. Ever.. it is not allowed in the Wyatt family household.If I clean it, it's the first to get dirty. Guaranteed. My Friends joke that I am OCD about my floors, because over half the time they call to see what I am doing, I am cleaning my floors. It's not OCD, it's Mommy's Law.

The next item up on my list: The budget. It is also impossible for me to have a budget. I know what most will say "What are you talking about? All you have to do is X,Y,Z, and voila! You have a budget!" Yea, no. Not in this home. Something ALWAYS happens. Every week. The Dog needs something, the Kitten needs something, someone has to go to the Doctor, the Car has to go to the Doctor, you name it, it happens. And as the CEO of this family, it is my job to fix it. Or so I guess, I don't remember requesting that position, but it just kind of happened.

After an all day ride in the car, full of errands I didn't feel like running, we get home. Seeing that my daughter fell asleep for the last two blocks of the car ride, I figured she still needed a nap. Three hours, 1 and 1/2 cups of milk, and three trips up the stairs to make her lay back down, she finally falls back asleep. Game over right? Nope! Insert Drums here:

Yep, that's right. DRUMS. I have no clue where they are, or who is playing them, but I have now been listening to someone practicing the drums for the last 30 minutes. Mommy's Law strikes again! That Joe Shmo Drum Player would decide to practice his drums at the exact moment my child falls asleep. And this isn't the only case of Mommy's law in this area. I also have a neighbor that decides to rev his truck engine every day (almost) loudly, repeatedly, and four hours on end, at the exact moment my daughter goes down for her nap. Or the Neighborhood kids that decide to run through my yard making the dog bark, which then wakes the baby up.

This is Mommy's Law.

Getting sick the day before vacation (which happened last month by the way), sitting for 4 hours in an ER because your daughter is throwing up profusely only to have her acting fine by the time she is actually seen by the doctor (last winter), getting her excited to go to the park only or it to start raining out of nowhere half way there(two days ago). Kicking some toy on the ground in the nursery as you are walking out and waking her up (two nights ago). Peaking into the living room at your naked daughter throwing her diaper across the room while peeing at the same time (at least once a week). And yes I have tried everything to keep her clothes and diaper on, all of which the little Houdini figures out within a week. Getting all the laundry done only to find three socks your partner ever so nicely left next to the couch (all the time). The list is endless. 

I don't really know how to deal with Mommy's Law. I'm still relatively new at this whole game. But I do look at the situations and laugh the best I can. What else can you do? I've come to the conclusion that God has a sense of humor, and likes to have a good laugh every now and again. And if your home is anything like mine, we give him (or her) plenty of opportunities.

Thank You for Reading. Be sure to check back soon for more! I hope you enjoyed today's post and be sure to let me know any examples of Mommy's Law you might have experienced!
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Nicole Buckingham

Oh my gosh do I know those "like, really?" moments. =)

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