Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bargain Alert: How to Get a Great Smelling Home for Less.

Keeping with my tradition of trying to inform Mommies of ways to save a few bucks without having to sacrifice quality, look, or feel. I figured I would let you in on another great find.
I love a great candle, nothing else makes me happier than clean floors, clean bathrooms, and a home that smells wonderful. Different Scents bring different feelings, memories, and can change your mood in an instance. At Christmas time I love the smell of Fur and Cranberries and Apple Cidar. It just brings so much more "ooph" to my  home. And the same goes for the smell of flowers, grass, and rain that comes along with Spring. It can transorm you home from the feel of Winter, to the excitement of Spring, and vise versa in the time it takes for the wax to melt. All because of the smell.
Working in Real Estate, I learned on of a realtors major tips (that works more than you would think) is to buy a "reminds me of home" smelling candle and light it before an open house or appointment. When the client walks in and smells the scent of apples, cookies, vanilla, etc. coming from with-in, they can imagine themselves living there. Pretty interesting huh?
I know over the years I have spent $100's on candles, sprays, deodorizers, etc. Some work really well, others not so much. In recent years, the Scentsy craze began. I bought a kit for my Mom two Mother's Day Presents ago. I believe I paid $45 for the Burner and got a free wax bar with it. I also spent around $5 or so on each additional bar. Plus, I had to pay shipping and handling. Yes, they work wonderful. And the scents they have are great. But who can afford that? Not me!
So, for a while I used oil burners. That worked okay, but I was still spending a lot on tea lights, and scented oils. Then I noticed Wal-Mart began carrying the "ScentSational" wax bars. I began buying those and using them in my tea light burners. They worked, but it would take a while for the tea light to get the wax hot enough to melt. About a year ago I noticed they finally started selling the actual electric burners. I finally decided to buy one. I paid $10 for mine (it was on sale). I have used it every day since, and still have not had to replace the bulb.
Full Size Scensty Burner $30+ Shipping*

ScenSational Full Size Burner $15.00
Better Homes and Gardens has also began making wax bars; and unlike their candles, they actually smell just as much as Scentsy's products. And at $2 a piece, I am able to change the scent as much as I want. That's a 50% decrease from the price of Scentsy. They also sell the plug-in versions which can be used in bathrooms, and high sitting electrical outlets for around $9 . Another big difference from the normal $20 that Scentsy charges. 
ScentSational Plug-In Mini Warmer-$10.00
Scentsy Plug-In Mini Burner $20.00+ Shipping

One wax bar lasts me about a week. I have noticed that the sweeter smelling ones are stronger and  last longer than the flowery scents. However, the Country Sunflower scents is the exception to that rule. I no longer have to spend money on Febreeze, plug-ins, and millions of candles. One wax cube put in the warmer smells up the entire 1,000 sq. ft. downstairs of my home.
Scensty Havana Cabana $5.00+ Shipping

BHG- Creamy Tahitian Coconut- $2.00

If you have already invested in a Scentsy Burner, have no fear. Even tho most Scentsy Consultants you talk to would tell you the Wal-Mart bought wax bars won't melt, they will. As I mentioned earlier, my Mom has a Scensty burner, and she has used the BHG or ScentSational wax bars ever since I told her about them.

As I have mentioned before, I love getting great products at a good price. This is probably one of my favorite finds so far. I don't believe you have to sacrifice having nice things just because you can't necessarily afford what others consider nice. When you compare the burner my Mom has, to the one I have, you can not tell a difference. There are great finds for less! You just have to know where to look.
I hope you all had a great weekend! Be sure to check back frequently for more tips and ideas!

* Normally i try and use my own photo's. But seeing as this blog post is supposed was designed to show the likeness of the two brands, I decided to use the manufacture photos.



Thanks for sharing.
I'm like you, burners, candles, my family think that I'll burn the house down one day with all the scented candles I have burning.

Those electric burners look fantastic.

Now following you.


I once did a product review for scensty and have fallen in love with their products ever since then. Visiting and following you from World Bloggers Community.

Brittney Staton

Thanks Michelle! I love having a great smelling home. My Fiancee has said the same many times. He was even nervous about the electric one being let on haha.
Nekky- I love Scentsy! They have great products that smell Fabulous. I have known several people that sell them, I really like what they have to offer, I just can't afford them. So I was sharing the alternatives I have found that work just as well. Thank you for the follow I appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed. I will be sure to check out your profile on World Bloggers.
Thank You Again!

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